Graduate Student Brown Bag Series

The Graduate Student Brown Bag Series (GSBBS), begun in 2013, is a monthly graduate student colloquium series that allows graduate students in any discipline to present their research to a community of scholars and peers.  Intended as a professionalization opportunity, the series is designed for students to gain the practice of presenting research to a public audience and receive feedback on their scholarly development and projects. Presentations focus on works-in-program, research design, or research results. Past topics have included:  black radicalism and the prison resistance movement, race and Muslims in the Civil Rights era, the impact of law enforcement’s collection of DNA samples from African Americans and Latinos, space and race in Brazilian Quilobomos struggles, and black gay men’s churchgoing experiences.

Presenters for the 2015-16 series have been drawn from recipients of IAAR’s Graduate Summer Small Research Grants Program. Their talks will focus on such topics as: mapping police brutality against unarmed African American men, financing the black freedom movement, antibiotic resistant bacteria in African American communities with industrial hog production, socio-cultural factors impacting Type 2 diabetes among rural Dominicans; and representing the Civil Rights movement in late 20th century art.

The GSBBS takes place every third Monday in IAAR’s conference room in Suite 309 of the Stone Center Building. It is open to the public. For inquiries about the series, please contact